Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wax On? Wax Off?

Happy Hanukkah

I collect Hanukkiah's. (Hanukkah menorah's) I didn't mean to collect them but little by little, the collection grew. It is beautiful to see all of the hanukkiah's together when they are lit. The one thing I don't like dealing with though is the wax. In an attempt to save money on candles (I need a lot since I have so many hanukkiah's) I bought cheap candles instead of the dripless kind. WRONG MOVE! The wax build up was so bad. I used tons of hot water and spent a long time cleaning the wax off of the hanukkiah's since I like the surfaces to be clean and spotless.

Last year I heard someone say that they don't remove the wax from their hanukkiah because the wax is a reminder of Hanukkah's past. That was a new concept for me. It would be a lot easier to live that cleaning... I don't think I could handle it though.

If you celebrate Hannukah, tell me, do you leave the wax on or off? Inquiring minds want to know!!!


Mrs. T said...

I don't celebrate Hannukah, but I do have an Advent wreath and I am kind of a candle snob and I like it to be wax-free at the start of the season.

Shelli said...

This morning, I took the Sunday sports section, put it on the table, got out my leatherman, and used the "awl" tool to get the candle gack out of the candle holder bits. I scrape off the big wax chunks, but I leave the rest on, since, you know, tonight, there will be new wax drips anyway...