Monday, October 22, 2007

I've Been Robbed (Again!)

Remember when this happened? Here is more on that event.

Well, it happened again. I walked in my room this morning to find that my newest computer was stolen. Interestingly enough, all of the cables were left behind as well as the printer, older computer, laptop, document camera and projector. The only other missing items are some CD's from my ELD program and my Core reading program.

The school will be replacing my old computer and CD's. As for who robbed us, I don't know but it looks very shady. My windows have metal rods in the frame to keep people from opening the flimsy windows from the outside. They can only be opened from the inside. Guess what? The rods were out. The alarm didn't go off either. That means that the theft was an inside job. The only other people who have access to my room are the night custodians otherwise known as Team Cleaning. This group of people changes from day to day. There are always different people in and out of the room. Too suspicious for me...

What to do?

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Coco said...

wow! sorry to hear about this...
it definitely does sound like an inside job.

what is your school/district going to do about this incident?

me? those days that i missed at work (b/c of my mom)...they put me so behind in my lessons!! i'm trying to catch up,
but am feeling overwhelmed.

take care!


yes, i'm fine...
sometimes crying,
but not dwelling in it.