Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Post

Yeah - My first post.


I went to a concert this weekend. My first one in a LONG time. I went to see Chayanne, Marc Anthony and Alejandro Fernandez at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. It was GREAT!

Here is my review:

Marc Anthony - Good singer, not great to look at. A little to skinny - looked malnourished and sick. His style reminded me of Sammy Davis Jr.

Chayanne - I was really not into Chayanne before the concert but he was good. He is of course quite attractive and can move. I enjoyed his music a lot. Keep on smiling Chayanne!!!

Alejandro Fernandez - What can I say - it was a dream come true to go see him. Yes, he was the best in my opinion. I was expecting to hear a lot of his latest music but was pleasantly surprised to hear most of his music performed with a great mariachi band. It didn't hurt to see him dressed in full Charro attire- yeah-baby - A true Papi Chulo!


I have to get out and go to more concerts ...

Maybe I should start the MsAbcMom get out of the house fund!

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