Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back To School Night

For the first time ever preparing for Back to School night was a breeze. My normal routine is to lose my mind and go crazy between the time the kids go home and the time that BTS night starts. I am usually so disorganized and messy that I spend the majority of my time "hiding" stuff to make the room look presentable. For some strange reason though I have been able to maintain a VERY clean room for the past 4 weeks. I found myself killing time waiting for BTS to start. What a weird sensation - I have never experienced that before. I actually had time to go out with another teacher and enjoy an actual sit down dinner before the big event. WOW!!!

The flip side of this however is that this year I had the worst ever attendance in the history of BTS night. I had only 8 families show up out of 19.

The moral of the story -

-keep a clean room - few parents.

Keep a messy room - the whole damn town shows up!!!

Good night

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