Tuesday, July 01, 2008

On Vacation

Finally! I am on vacation...YIPEE!

The last week of school was brutal. Aside from the fact the the kids and I were just plain tired, we had to deal with awful smoke in the air. Last week at this time there were over 8oo fires in the state. The smoke was blown into our central valley and just stayed put. It was awful to look at and even worse to breathe. We were on the air quality red alert all week until Friday when it turned into a purple alert which is even worse. YUCK! We had a nice bit of wind come through and push the smoke out but the forecast for this weekend calls for less wind, higher heat and more of that smoke pushing our way since we still have fires going around the state.

In an interesting side note to the fires, Gov. Schwarzennegger, has asked that we Californians not buy or use fireworks due to our current situation with the fires and smoke. I was quite pleased and surprised to hear this come from him. Many are bashing his idea though saying that it would hurt non-profit organizations who need the money brought in from the sale of fireworks. I guess that no one ever heard of making a donation!

In other news, Sabi and my mo are off to explore Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. How fun! I will be joining them soon to go to Panama. Until then...I rest and enjoy being on vacation!


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