Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It Has Been So Hot

It's been so hot around here that when I checked today's forecast and saw that it is for 90 degrees, I giggled with glee. Yeah, it is still hot but 90 is a whole different thing than 100-103.



Anonymous said...

I can finally one-up you on heat. It's been hovering between 107 and 110 in La Verne, cooling down to about 93 at night. Apparently it came with a gulf storm, so is also muggy. Tonight it's in the 80's. Feels absolutely cool!

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Wow, usually we here in Texas get like MAJOR heat and August usually hovers around 120 all month. We had a cool summer and so much rain that the ducks were running for higher ground.

Stay cool MsABC!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

cindylu said...

Were there any power outages in your area? The power went out at my parent's house Sunday night, but it really didn't matter because we don't have AC anyway. I just stayed at my apartment where it's cooler and we had electricity.

MsAbcMom said...

Margie: Try to stay cool!

PTC: 120? WHoa!

Cindylu: We had a power outage last week. It happened at school. When I left for home it was just as bad because even though the outage didn't occur where I live, our ac unit was not working! It was HOT!