Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vacation is pure bliss!

Aside from starting my vacation with a cold, I am having a fabulous time doing absolutely nothing. It is great. My morning starts with enjoying my novelas in bed ... yippee! From there I just do whatever suits my fancy. Today, Sabina and I went out to Color Me Mine and then we went on to the Mudroom to have more painting fun! Tomorrow I might go in to school to organize my room for a while but I think that will be fun because I am bringing Ms. Sabi with me. On Friday I am planning a trip to San Jose to the Children's Museum and maybe the BIG MALL!!! I have no New Year's plans as of yet. Anyone know of anything exciting??? Let me know.

I can't believe that I still have one more week after this week. What fun!!!

I am loving my vacation y'all!

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Coco said...

Hi, I just found your "site"...
I, too, am a teacher and I treasure my time off. Unfortunately, we go back on the 2nd!! Can you believe it, the 2nd?!

I read your "Christmas" song and found it TRUE!! And yes, hilarious : ) (but it's so true!)

Have a wonderful and restful week.

Take Care!